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Sellfy​ vs. 3dcart

Before stepping into the field of eCommerce, first, you need to find an eCommerce software that helps your business build an online store and helps you rank higher in search engines’ searches. However, it can be complicated to choose the right solution and be more when choosing between Sellfy and 3dCart.
Of course, both Sellfy and 3dCart are the best platforms for eCommerce websites, and both come with different unique features that make them trustworthy and demandable. But still, here are some distinctions that make a difference between them. So, this article Sellfy vs 3dCart will cover all the aspects that you need to know.
If we come to the online field, it might be challenging to make the right decision about selecting a platform for your commerce site. But it’s essential to choose the right one that can help you push your store website to the next level and sell more products. So, let’s compare both Sellfy and 3dCart to make a clear difference between them.

Sellfy Vs 3dCart: Overview

It is a user-friendly hosted eCommerce platform that enables you to start selling online and manage all the operations. It has been serving its users since 2011, and still, there is no change in the quality. Moreover, Sellfy allows building customizable online stores to display and sell digital goods, including eBooks, artwork, music, videos, skills and more.


It’s an easy-to-use eCommerce solution that has made the eCommerce system easier for both shoppers and online retailers. Even Sellfy guarantees that users can get an online store up-and-running within five minutes. Above all, Sellfy offers an embed option to embed the products at your business site and social media pages.
Aside from embedding, Sellfy provides powerful analytics tools that can expand your digital business as well as online sales. It’s because these tools will inform you about the popular products among the buyers so that you can leverage them. In short, Sellfy is such an online storefront that can bring more customers, sales, and profit to you.


It’s one of the best cloud-based eCommerce software that allows you to build your eCommerce store and start your eCommerce business. 3dCart has been serving its services since 1997. Whether it’s a newcomer or an experienced developer, 3dCart is an easy-to-use platform for everyone.  


It comes with incredible features, from SEO optimization to cart recovery tools. Like Sellfy, it offers analytics tools that help expand your business. In this commerce platform, you can avail of web hosting services for your online-shops. These hosting services provide unlimited bandwidth and many other features.
If we come to designs and themes, 3dCart provides 50 SEO-friendly and mobile-friendly themes with responsive designs. Not only that, here, you will find 200 apps and integrations. The platform is reliable, with a 99.9 % uptime guarantee. By using REST API and eCommerce apps, you can integrate 3dCart with your existing third-party solution.
3dCart is considered the competitor of Sellfy, BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento eCommerce, Squarespace, and other eCommerce systems. In simple words, you can consider it over other eCommerce platforms since it offers free themes, web hosting, 100+ supported payment processors, and many essential features. 

Sellfy Vs 3dCart: Ease-of-Use


The sign-up process is user-friendly. After signing up, you can enjoy a 14-day free trial. During the sign-up process, Sellfy does not require any credit card information. It means you don’t need to get worried about payment after the free trial. I know it’s hard to believe that, but it’s true; you can enjoy a free trial without adding a payment method.
Sellfy has managed an onboard guide that includes a 7-part checklist. It aims to guide you from creating and customizing an online store to working and selling your digital goods. The platform also provides an understandable and straightforward dashboard through which you can toggle between orders, subscriptions, analytics, and customers for quick insights. 


3dCart also offers a free trial of 15 days. But here, the scene is different from Sellfy. After the free trial, you can ask for an extension. Like Sellfy, 3dCart’s sign-up process is simple. When you sign-up, you will receive an email containing your user login, password, and your site’s URL.
After signing-up, you can see a setup page covering tips and videos at every turn. If you face any problem, your trail coach will guide you via a phone call. The platform offers a simple dashboard through which you can easily manage your subscriptions, orders, customers, and analytics. 

3dCart Vs Sellfy: Online Store Builder


Sellfy is a big name in the eCommerce business and is considered one of the largest selling platforms that offer customizable online storefronts. The platform allows you to build personalized commerce sites and online shops up-and-running within five minutes. It provides full shopping carts that enable shoppers to purchase multiple-items.
You can change the colours, add a logo, header button, and edit the site’s layouts. Moreover, you can configure the store to support multiple languages and multiple items in the shopping cart. Even you can make it optimized for a mobile screen, and it’s too essential. It’s Because a large part of customers makes purchases via mobile.



3dCart offers 50 free mobile-friendly themes that have responsive designs. You can create your eCommerce website by using these responsive designs. Even more, 3dCart provides WYSIWYG editors. By using both, you can easily edit the HTML/CSS to customize your eCommerce store.
Moreover, with a content-management-system, you can add and edit an unlimited number of pages. Not only that, 3dCart provides a drag-and-drop editor tool that makes the page-building process much more manageable. This editor can help a lot, and you can use it to add products, categories, and even blog posts.

Sellfy Vs 3dCart: Product Management


Being one of the most prominent eCommerce solutions, Sellfy also ensures a great product management system. Sellfy allows its users to upload products as much as possible, and there is no storage limit. However, make sure the file size should not go above 5 GB. So, I recommend you upload your files that should be less than 5GB.
Moreover, you have access to create product categories and add your favourite title, tags, and description. It’s a golden chance for you to add your main keyword in title, tags, and even in description to make your sales pages SEO optimized. Also, don’t forget to add a matching slug for SEO purposes while naming your product category.
Using Sellfy’s embedding feature, you can embed your products into your Facebook page or business website. This will help you to increase sales and visible to different search engines. However, you can also embed your up-and-running whole store. 



The platform offers a user-friendly interface through which you can easily manage and edit your selling products. Also, you can add unlimited products with videos and images into different categories and subcategories. Besides, it allows you to offer discounts, sell digital products, and up-sell and cross-sell your products.
Using 3dCart’s built-in tools, you can easily manage and process orders quickly by printing shipping labels and connecting with major shipping providers to fulfil orders within your commerce website. Moreover, you can add people frequently asked questions relevant to the products and customer reviews. 

Sellfy Vs 3dCart: Analytics and Marketing tools


Though there is no potent marketing tool on Sellfy still, here are some excellent tools that help you rank higher in the Google searches and bring more customers to you. Using its analytics tools, you can inform your customers about the new products, promo codes, discounts, and special offers via emails.
You can offer discounts, promo codes, etc., by using pop-ups. When someone tries to get promo codes, first, they will have to subscribe. After it, they will be able to get discounts, eBooks, promo codes, and more. In this way, you can build up a strong email list and even collect newsletters. 

Sellfy vs 3dcart 1


The platform offers excellent features to help you develop your online store and generate more sales. 3dCart comes with advanced SEO tools such as 301 redirector, custom file names, sitemap builder, and more. With these tools, you can easily optimize your whole store for shoppers to enjoy the best shopping-experience.
Moreover, it provides you the ability to connect to Google Analytics and view your store score statistics. Also, you can create an email marketing campaign. In simple words, these SEO tools can push your store to the next level. Furthermore, 3dCart allows you to integrate it with third-parties like social media platforms to promote your business online. 

Sellfy Vs 3dCart: Integrations


As one of the best eCommerce platforms and does not offer integration options, it can be possible. Like the other eCommerce solutions, Sellfy also provides integration. Using Zappier, you can integrate with over 750 third-party apps and tools like Trello, Mailchimp, and salesforce. You can also integrate with the following apps with zappier.

  • Active campaign
  • Money Bird
  • Bonjoro
  • Squarespace
  • Ably
  • Hello Bar
  • ON24
  • Elastic email, and more.


Like Sellfy, 3dCart also supports integrating; however, it supports via its app store. You can connect your 3dCart with over 3000 apps. The platform offers add-ons (free and paid) in 20 different categories, including the most famous products like Avalara, QuickBooks, MailChimp, Shipstation, and more.
Moreover, this eCommerce software provides access you to connect your online store with multiple sales channels like:

  • Facebook Shop
  • Google Shopping
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Shopzilla
  • Square point of sale

Sellfy Vs 3dCart: Payment Gateways


Unfortunately, Sellfy offers only two payment options, PayPal and Stripe. However, both are the most famous and secure payment processors. You don’t need to worry about the payment options because both are the most extensively networked payment gateways. Moreover, both PayPal and Stripe ensure a secure payment process and provide an instant payment process.
Both are instant digital payment gateways for all credit cards. So, you will receive instant payments without any hassle.
Its built-in integrations with Stripe and PayPal ensure a secure and fraud protection ambience to the customers. Moreover, these integrations make the shoppers able to purchase items from any location of the world.



Unlike Sellfy, 3dCart offers over 100 payment processors to accept payments. Below are the most famous payment gateways that are integrated with 3dCart.

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Google Pay
  • Android Pay
  • Square
  • Apple Pay
  • Master pass
  • Offer visa checkout
  • Bitcoin, etc.

Sellfy Vs 3dCart: Security


This eCommerce solution would never compromise on security. Sellfy combines SSL encryption with PCI DSS compliance. Furthermore, the platform also takes anti-fraud measures like PDF stamping and unique download links to ensure payment security. So, you don’t need to concern about security or fraud. 



Like Sellfy, it also offers excellent security features that you expect from an eCommerce platform. 3dCart is considered as Level 1 card industry data security compliant and provides a free 256-bit SSL certificate on each plane. And this certificate secures all the pages on your eCommerce website.
Above all, the platform uses the CDN (content delivery network) to make your site accessible to customers in a better way. CDN comes with DDoS that protect and make your website more secure.
3dCart provides secure PCI-compliant web hosting for your eCommerce site with unlimited bandwidth. In addition to hosting, it allows you to choose a unique domain name or transfer any other domain that you have already had. Also, it offers FTP file access, email-hosting, monthly software upgrades, and daily backups.

Sellfy Vs 3dCart: Customer Support


Fast and responsive customer support is the fundamental need that every customer expects. Whenever customers face an issue, they will head to the customer support option. If they don’t get satisfied, it means the platform needs to be improved. But Sellfy offers 24/7 customer support via live chat, phone call, and email.


Like Sellfy, 3dCart also provides 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and live chat. In addition to customer service, you can also get professional designers, photographers, marketers, and developers.

Sellfy Vs 3dCart: Shopping Carts


Shopping carts enable the customers to shop efficiently and quickly and add products to their carts. As I earlier said, you can configure your store to support multiple items in the shopping cart. In this way, the shoppers feel comfortable and can add various items to the cart. So, this can create a good shopping experience. 

Sellfy vs 3dcart 2


It offers additional shopping-cart tools such as customer wish lists, abandoned cart recovery, saved carts, etc. 3dcart allows you to add a shopping cart to another website that you already own. Furthermore, it has connections with WordPress, PayPal, Amazon, Google, and Square; however, it gives you access to connect any website by creating a subdomain.

3dCart VS Sellfy: Pricing


Sellfy offers the following pricing plans.

  • Basic or Starter Plan
  • Standard or Business Plan
  • Premium plan.

Basic or Starter Plan

Standard or Business Plan

Premium Plan

  • Costs $29/month monthly and $19/month with annual payments
  • In the Basic plan, Sellfy allows you to sell $10000 sales per year.
  • You can customize your stores, such as layouts, colours, etc.
  • Discount codes and custom domains.
  • Also, you can add unlimited products.
  • With no transaction fee.
  • Advanced VAT & tax settings
  • Connect your domain
  • Print on Demand
  • Digital downloads
  • Store customization
  • Track the best performing products
  • Sell physical, digital products and subscriptions.
  • Add Facebook and Twitter ad pixels.
  • Optimized for both desktop and mobile
  • Embeddable buy now buttons. 
  • A business plan costs $59 per month if you purchase only a monthly plan.
  • It costs $39/month if you are buying its yearly plan.
  • Also, it includes starter plan features.
  • You can sell up to $50000 per year.
  • It offers 10000 email credits and product upselling.
  • Unlimited products
  • Product upselling Cart abandonment
  • Remove Sellfy branding
  • Free migration 10,000 email credits
  • Automatically add the buyer’s email address to every page of your PDF product file.
  • See top sales locations.
  • You can analyze traffic channels. 
  • In addition to business features, it allows you to sell up to $200000 per year.
  • You can offer 50000 email credits.
  • It provides you free eCommerce site migrating services from another platform without costing additional charges.
  • It costs $129/ month monthly and $89 per month if you purchase its yearly plan.
  • No transaction fees.
  • All business plan features are included.

3dCart offers affordable prices and impressive payment gateways that anyone would want to enjoy. Besides, the best thing that I liked its 14- day free trial very much. It comes with Basic, Plus, and Pro. Here below the pricing plans. 


3dCart offers affordable prices and impressive payment gateways that anyone would want to enjoy. In addition to its prices, the best thing that I liked very much its 14- day free trial.
It comes with Basic, Plus, and Pro. Here below the


$29 / month
  • Facebook store
  • Shipping labels
  • FTP access
  • Built-in Blog
  • Aweber integration
  • MailChimp integration
  • POS module
  • Google
  • Real-time shipping
  • Single page checkout, etc.


$79 / month
  • All basic features
  • Store Credits
  • Abandoned Cart Saver
  • Email Accounts
  • 3dFeedback
  • Email Marketing Newsletters
  • CRM
  • Customer Groups
  • Make-an-Offer
  • Daily Deals
  • Group Deals
  • Product comparison


$229 / month
  • All =plus features
  • Houzz Order Import
  • Pre-orders
  • Sales Rep Management
  • Priority Support
  • Houzz Order Import
  • Pre-orders
  • Sales Rep Management
  • Priority Support
  • Automation Rules
  • Gift Registry
  • Product Q & A
  • Reward Points Loyalty Program
  • Autoship Recurring Orders
  • Facebook Dynamic Ads


  • Unlimited staff users
  • All pro features
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Group Deals
  • Pre-orders
  • Sales Rep Management
  • Technical Account Manager
  • Custom Programming
  • Unlimited Daily Deals
  • Priority Support
  • Unlimited Product comparison
  • Unlimited Autoresponder Campaigns
  • Facebook Dynamic Ads
  • Houzz Order Import

Sellfy vs 3dCart: Pros

👍 Pros of Sellfy

👍 Pros of 3dCart

  • 14-day free trial
  • Provides email marketing tools
  • It also ensures a secure payment process via PayPal and Stripe
  • Even more, Sellfy offers SEO-friendly and mobile-friendly themes.
  • Customizable online storefront
  • 15-days free
  • trialMobile responsive themes
  • SEO tools

Sellfy Vs 3dCart: Cons

👎 Cons of Sellfy

👎 Cons of 3dCart

  • All features are the same in plans except a few ones.
  • Also, prices are high
  • Two payment gateways
  • You can avail of advanced features only on higher tiers.
  • Limited third-party apps
  • Staff users are limited per plan.

Sellfy Vs 3dCart: Conclusion

As you have seen in the complete comparison, both Sellfy and 3dCart offer incredible features, and we can’t neglect any of them. However, Sellfy is affordable than 3dCart and the best eCommerce platform for a quick online store and digital products. But it has some downsides like only two payment gateways, transaction fees, etc.
On the other hand, 3dCart is expensive, but it will lead your business to the next level. It offers good SEO and marketing tools than Sellfy. If you want to develop and grow your business, then 3dCart would be the best option. Now it’s over to you, what you will decide. Please don’t forget to share your thoughts below in the comment box.

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