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Sales Sequence (Cadence) / Newsletter Campaigns / Cold Emails With Unlimited Emails To Send

How your Sales Sequence Software work for you?

A simple, effective software tool for :

  Create sequenced email (with unlimited emails to send) and newsletters campaigns.

  Send newsletters and emails until recepients reply.

  Track opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes and all replies

  Design striking newsletters or introductory emails with our simple online editor.. create high impact in plain text or HTML

  Launch emails campaigns at scale, extending your reach greatly.

  Quickly and easily import your contacts into the software…

Add your own  SMTP et IMAP provider

This software allows you to carry out large-scale-e-mailing campaigns with high volume!.

Dashboard of your campaigns


Overview of campaign statistics

Benefits of Sales Sequence Software 1

Creating a template from the editor or gallery

Benefits of Sales Sequence Software 2

Section of all your contacts lists

Benefits of Sales Sequence Software 3

Sending Calendar


Leads Scoring