Sellfy Review

Sellfy Review

The growing eCommerce industry has made it easier for professionals to market their services and get a wide range of customers. It does not matter whether you are a designer, photographer, author, or video producer; you can start an eCommerce business to sell your digital products. So, setting up an online store can give easy access to customers to reach out to your services and offerings.

There are various eCommerce platforms like Sellfy that allow you to create your online store to promote your business. Is Sellfy the right eCommerce platform for your business? This Sellfy review will answer everything you would like to know before choosing Sellfy as an eCommerce platform. Here we will discuss Sellfy’s overview, features, pricing, pros & cons, and alternatives.  

Sellfy review

Sellfy Review: Overview

Sellfy is a cloud-based and one of the best eCommerce platforms that have been serving since 2011. It’s mainly for businesses and professionals that are selling their digital goods on eCommerce websites. However, you can get the opportunity to set up a personalized online storefront and display your products to start selling online.
In other words, Sellfy is an easy-to-use eCommerce solution for online sales. Also, you can easily embed your Sellfy products or online-store anywhere, like on social media pages. So, it would be best for bloggers and influencers to sell products online. It’s an all-in-one eCommerce solution and comes with unique features.
Aside from an eCommerce platform, Sellfy is a system that offers unique tools for selling digital products, including eBooks, artwork, music, videos, skills, etc. Sellfy claims that you can get your store up-and-running within five minutes by using its website builder tool. From my experiences, I say they are authentic in their claim. 

Sellfy Review: Features

It’s a user-friendly hosted eCommerce platform that brings many features that any commerce marketer wants. Today, we will try to find the secrets of Sellfy in its features. So, let’s start to take a complete review of Sellfy. 

Ease of Use

This is one of the most notable features that make it more demandable and popular among the entire eCommerce industry. The sign-up process is straightforward. You don’t need to pay a penny while getting started with Sellfy. It offers a 14-day free trial, and there is no need to give any credit card information.
After signing up, it will direct you to Sellfy’s onboarding guide, which includes a 7-part checklist to guide you from creating and customizing an online store to managing and selling your digital goods. The entire onboard guide process will take only 2 minutes. By following these guidelines, I’m sure a beginner who never used an eCommerce platform would be able to create and customize his online store.

Sellfy Review 5

Moreover, you don’t need to be concerned about managing your online store because Sellfy has designed its dashboard as understandable and straightforward. Suppose right on the home menu is the overview section where you can toggle between orders, subscription, analytics, and customers for quick insights essential for your business.

The next is the products area where you can easily manage your items. Even more, Sellfy allows you to promote your business by sharing the products on social media with a click of a button. Besides the click button, Sellfy also offers a Buy button that can be embedded on third-party websites like your business website or social media platforms, including Facebook pages and YouTube channels. 

Customizable Online stores

With the help of Sellfy, you can develop an eCommerce store and fully personalize it for your eCommerce business in under five minutes. For this, you need to jump right into the customization process. After it, you can edit its layouts and contents. Moreover, Sellfy allows you to add a logo, header button, add or change the colors, page style, etc.
Sellfy facilitates the users with full shopping carts so that shoppers can purchase multiple items spontaneously. Furthermore, you can add numerous languages or translated versions of your store based on customers’ location. Unfortunately, you can’t get advanced customization options. From my point of view, I think Sellfy’s goal is to keep everything simple. 

Furthermore, Sellfy offers entirely mobile-optimized webshops with a fast, seamless checkout process. Also, it provides eCommerce hosting. Besides, advanced SEO-friendly techniques help the search engines to find out your store website.
If we come to Sellfy’s storefront, it comes with the standard web pages (Contact, Terms, and About) that you can find on any online store. However, you can easily customize them. For this, click on the page and then configure the corresponding layout options. Even more, you can change or eliminate the pages. 

Sellfy Review: Product Management

Sellfy offers an excellent product management system that is very simple, and you don’t need any guidance. You can upload unlimited products on your online store, and there is no storage limit. However, Sellfy recommends your file size should be less than 5 GB. You can use any static file format to upload standard products and subscription services.
It offers to create product categories and add titles, meta tags, descriptions, and images to products. You can add your main keyword in the product description to make your sales pages search engine optimized. You can also set your products’ prices and offer a “Pay what you want” option to enable the customers to choose their price. 


If we come to Sellfy’s product category feature, it’s effortless but a handy feature that will help you organize each item accordingly. Suppose you are selling more than one digital product; you can add each item according to its category. When you write the category name, don’t forget to add a matching slug for SEO purposes.

Suppose you add a category like “English eBooks” that should have “English-eBooks” as the corresponding slug. This can help you to get Google to notice your products. When you can get enough traffic, you can leverage Sellfy’s “pay what you want the feature to increase your conversion rates.

When you do a proper SEO of your products, there are more chances to maintain your “What you want to pay.” If we come to “what you want to pay,” a subscription-based business is the best choice in my point of view. You can choose annually, monthly, and even daily-based subscription billing systems.

Sellfy is a selling platform and permits selling a wide variety of digital products on eCommerce sites. But it doesn’t permit online businesses to sell private label rights content, copyrighted material, and third-part accounts. 

Sellfy Review: Marketing and Analytics tools

did not find any special marketing tools on Sellfy that its competitor offer. However, Sellfy comes with built-in marketing and analytics tools. With the help of Sellfy, you can send product updates to your customers via email. Also, you can collect newsletter subscribers directly through Sellfy.
Sellfy allows you to offer product discounts and promo codes to encourage your customers. However, some other options like using upsells can also encourage the customers to spend more time. To drive customers’ loyalty, you should set up special discount offers. 


With pop-ups, you can show your discount codes and offers to customers. Besides, you can easily create and track Facebook ads for your website. Sellfy analytics dashboard enables the users to track order fulfillment, order management system, content-management-system, conversion rates, top locations, and overall web store performance.
Aside from discounts and promo codes, Sellfy allows you to upsell campaigns. You have the freedom to name your campaign, choose accompanying items, and set the date of expiry, discount percentages, and the display message. In short, you can boost your average income per sale by using Sellfy’s marketing and analytics tools.  

Sellfy Integrations

Sellfy is the best eCommerce platform and eCommerce website builder, and expand your functionality by offering integration options. You can set up Webhook and Google Analytics as well as integrate directly with Facebook and Patreon. Moreover, it allows us to connect with zappier to integrate with over 750 third-party apps and tools like Trello, Mailchimp, and salesforce. It also integrates with the following apps via zappier;

  • Active campaign
  • Money Bird
  • Bonjoro
  • Squarespace
  • Ably
  • Hello Bar
  • ON24
  • Elastic email, and more. 

Sellfy Wix App

It’s a “Sell Downloads App” and particular to the commerce website or store platform Wix. If you create an online store using Wix, you can add the Sellfy app, and it will help you sell digital products in this way. 

However, the Sellfy Wix app is a separate service and different from Sellfy eCommerce software. You can also enjoy a 14- day trial before purchasing its premium plan, which costs $9.99 per month.

Sellfy Review: Embed Options

Sellfy not only offers to set up your online eCommerce but also facilitates you with embedding options. And this option has made it easy for online merchants to set up their dynamic selling framework. With it, you can easily promote your online business among various search-engine optimizations to get a shopper’s shopping-experience.

Oppositely, if you have a website with responsive design or store design, you can easily add “buy now buttons” to your site. However, you can embed the whole commerce site or some specific products. It means you can sell directly from your blog, YouTube channel, SoundCloud page, or any other third-party platform.

Aside from blog or YouTube channel, you can embed your up-and-running online-shops into the Facebook store to sell on Facebook, so that gets rid of social-sharing. So, it would be best for an eCommerce company to fill out their shopping-cart and increase sales. 

Sellfy Review 6

Moreover, Sellfy offers three pre-built templates to save you from the tricky process of coding integrations. There are three embedding options (store view, product card, and Buy button) through which you can embed your products. Once you select, Sellfy will generate a code to replace on third-party platforms. Above all, the buy button is a handy feature that provides a shopping cart for shoppers to shop conveniently. 

Payment Gateway

Sellfy offers PayPal and Stripe to accept payments directly through your store. I know you would prefer more than two options. However, both Stripe and PayPal are the most extensively networked payment gateways. Both ensure a secure payment process and secures the customers’ data, and you will receive instant payments.
They are not only secure but also instant digital payment gateways for all credit cards and debit cards. If we come to security, Sellfy keeps a safe environment. Furthermore, it combines SSL encryption with PCI DSS compliance. Sellfy ensures payment security with anti-fraud measures like PDF stamping, unique download links, and fraud protection. 

Sellfy Review: Pricing

It offers the following pricing plans. 

• Basic or Starter Plan

• Standard or Business Plan

• Premium plan.


Basic or Starter Plan

Standard or Business Plan

Premium Plan

  • Costs $29/month monthly and $19/month with annual payments
  • In the Basic plan, Sellfy allows you to sell $10000 sales per year.
  • You can customize your stores, such as layouts, colors, etc.
  • Discount codes and custom domains.
  • Also, you can add unlimited products.
  • With no transaction fee.
  • Advanced VAT & tax settings
  • Connect your domain
  • Print on Demand
  • Digital downloads
  • Store customization
  • Track the best performing products
  • Sell physical, digital products, and subscriptions
  • Add Facebook and Twitter ad pixels
  • Optimized for both desktop and mobile
  • Embeddable buy now buttons 
  • A business plan costs $59 per month if you purchase only a monthly plan.
  •  It costs $39/month if you are buying its yearly plan.
  • Includes starter plan features.
  • You can sell up to $50000 per year.
  • It offers 10000 email credits and product upselling
  • Unlimited products
  • Product upselling Cart abandonment
  • Remove Sellfy branding
  • Free migration 10,000 email credits
  • Automatically add the buyer’s email address to every page of your PDF product file
  • See top sales locations
  • You can analyze traffic channels 
  • In addition to business features, it allows you to sell up to $200000 per year.
  • You can offer 50000 email credits.
  • It provides you free eCommerce site migrating services from another platform without costing additional charges.
  • It costs $129/ month monthly and $89 per month if you purchase its yearly plan.
  • No transaction fees.
    All business plan features are included.

If you exceed your plan’s sales limit, you have to upgrade the subscription plan to the next level. Otherwise, Sellfy will recharge a 2% fee on the amount of revenue that exceeds the limit. Sellfy provides a great platform to eCommerce companies with the best pricing plans and commerce systems. However, we recommend you try its 14- days free trial and get some practice. 

Sellfy Review: Pros & Cons

It’s the most valuable platform for eCommerce development and plays a role as eCommerce builder software. Moreover, it’s a competitor of Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and Squarespace. Ease-of-use makes it perfect for online-retailers to create and customize the store in a few clicks.

👍 Pros of Sellfy

👎 Cons of Sellfy

  • Sellfy gives you access to enjoy a 14-day free trial without requiring credit card details.
  • It offers online payments in more than 20 different currencies.
  • Sellfy integrates with Facebook pixels, Google Analytics, live chat, zappier, and more.
  • The secure payment process by combining SSL encryption with PCI DSS compliance.
  • Sellfy assists you in boosting your sales by using upsell, cross-sells, and discount tools.
  • It provides email marketing tools
  • The overall system is SEO-friendly and mobile responsive
  • You can set up an online store without a custom domain
  • It allows you to embed your online-store into your business site or any other third-party platform.
  • It’s best for Inventory management, returns management, and promotions management
  • It provides responsive design templates and 24/7 customer support
  • Regardless of its incredible features, it also comes with some cons, including
  • Sellfy offers limited sales per year and one template for storefronts. All features are the same except a few ones in its three plans
  • It provides access to two payment gateways, and it might seem a downside.
  • Furthermore, it lacks a multi-channel system and multi-store management.
  • Also, its prices are high as compare to other platforms.
  • The number of App integrations is minimal.
  • Sellfy does not provide tools for managing and setting up affiliate programs.

Sellfy Review: Conclusion

Above all, it seems the best eCommerce platform for a quick online store and digital products. It offers incredible eCommerce services and comes with secure payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe.
Moreover, Sellfy ensures fraud protection and respects the customers’ data privacy. Its embedding options are superb because you can offer total digital commerce products on your business website, YouTube, and Facebook pages.
At the start of the article, I already said this Sellfy review aims to help you decide whether The Sellfy eCommerce platform is right for you. So, reading the whole review, I hope you got it. Sellfy offers a 14-day free trial, then why do you not try? Go ahead, sign-in, and enjoy its free trial.
Now it’s over to you, what you will decide. However, if you want to sell online and push your business to the next level, Sellfy is one of the best choices. We hope you liked this Sellfy review and got the main theme. Please share your thoughts and knowledge below in the comment box. 

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