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Lead Generation Software

10 Awesome Tools to Make Your Business Stand Out!

Grow your company with our best-in-class suite of professional marketing applications. Generate new leads, launch effective email campaigns, create chatbots, and much, much more with our lead generation software.

Taken together, our powerful bundle of commercial prospecting software can transform the reach of your company, and help you target the right customers, day after day!



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The Last Word in Lead Generation software & Customer Acquisition and more.

Lead Generation Software

Save Time (and Money) with a Highly Targeted Approach

Our software is a great sales process geared towards the discovery of high-value prospects that can convert smoothly and swiftly into paying customers and influential contacts. In the race of finding the essential elements of B2B marketing, lead generation ranks first. The term ‘B2B Prospecting’ has no meaning without lead generation. And it is the same with lead generation tools.

Lead Generation Software

Unlimited Access to the Full Product Range

Enjoy complete access to our premium software bundle with one single license that has your whole sales team covered. Quickly generate leads and increase your Roi with your marketing campaigns. Enjoy complete access to our premium software bundle with one single license that has your whole sales team covered. Quickly generate leads and increase your Roi with your marketing campaigns.

Lead Generation Software

User-friendly design ready for Marketing and Sales deployment instant

An intuitive and responsive dashboard to help the marketing team’s campaign management and reporting process. All our software, B2b lead generation, are complete, easy to use, all to facilitate your sales cycle through lead qualification for good conversion rates

Lead Generation Software

Enrichment Data Software To Find New Leads (Emails)

Unearth quality leads from relevant lists of companies and domains. This software is perfect for B2B companies, Sales  Teams, Salespeople and Growth Hackers and more.
+ Generate significant leads who are open to approach via cold email.
+helps acquire hard-to-find email addresses and other lead information.
+Export leads directly to Excel, streamlining lead generation process; this prepares a good sales leads management.

Market: B2B Leads

Lead Generation Software

Sales Sequence (Cadence) / Newsletter Campaigns / Cold Emails With Unlimited Emails-marketingTo Send

Here is a simple, effective marketing automation software tool to set up your marketing campaign. This will create sequenced email and newsletter campaigns to get more leads.
+ Send newsletters and emails marketing until recipients reply by adding your own SMTP provider and IMAP.
+ Track opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes, and all replies.
+ Launch email campaigns at scale, extending your reach greatly to increase your leads and sales.
+ Design striking newsletters or introductory emails for your content-marketing with our simple online editor. Create high impact visuals in plain text or HTML.

Market: B2B / B2C

Lead Generation Software

Find Emails From the First Name, Last Name And Company Name

By uploading a CSV with the above information, our tool will automatically search for relevant email contacts. This makes it perfect for extracting high-value leads from large lists of raw business data for sending email marketing.

Market: B2B Leads

Lead Generation Software

Email, Phone & Social Media Extractor

Upload emails from professional social media URLs, usernames, and phone numbers that are visible on all pages of each website. An Excel report is automatically generated and made available to download once all of the relevant data is captured (qualified leads). This is a powerful method of B2b lead acquisition that can yield truly impressive results and increase sales.

Market: B2B Leads

Lead Generation Software 1

Daily Registered Domains With Lead Information

it is a daily report of all new company domains created on the Internet. That can mean as many as +100K fresh leads per day, complete with location, phone numbers, emails, and more. It’s the perfect way of beating your competitors to the punch so that you’re first in line to sell your products and services to new market entrants and thereby increase your return on marketing investment.

Market: B2B Leads

Extract B2B emails

Extract B2B emails from B2B social networks and create targeted lists

This tool will allow you to extract emails and contacts from B2B social media.
Discover new leads in one single click and create targeted lists.
Our software will help you to find leads based on job title, location, country, industry, and company size.

Market: B2B Leads / Recruiters

Online Review Management

Online Review Management To Get More Online Reviews

Install a widget on your website, encouraging visitors to leave positive feedback.
It’s a simple but powerful way of strengthening your customer validation and improving your social reputation.  Fully compatible with Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews, it’s an excellent method of generating organic word of mouth.

Market: B2B / B2C

Sales proof

Social Proof Notification Widget To Increase Credibility

Generate notifications on your website that display random messages from your visitors to optimum effect. This is another proven technique for bolstering your social credibility and improving sales and marketing.

Market: B2C/B2b marketing

API To Prevent Fake Email Registration

API To Prevent Fake Email Registration

Each time someone registers to your service, ping this API to verify if the email is correct and not a disposable email to prevent fake registration.

Market: B2B Leads

Chatbot for Automated Lead Generation

Chatbot for Automated Lead Generation and Customer Insight

Automatically engage with your visitors via a chatbot on your website if this lead to acquire valuable data in the process.
This lead information, collected by your salespeople, can then be routed by email, SMS (mobile number) or directly into a Slack channel.

Market: B2B / B2C


A Tried and Trusted Recipe for Commercial Success!

Satisfied Customers


Very good professional tools, I use it for my client prospecting and we have had convincing results, I recommend.

Bertrand Maurice Brouillet

CEO of Debellecourt Real Estate


Thanks to Avision Reputation Company, room rentals have increased. I am very happy with the tools at my disposal to increase the filling of my rooms.

Clémence Razeau

CEO of Villa Léonie


We have seen an increase in our traffic thanks to the optimization of our website with chatbot and social proof tools and our sales have increased significantly since then. I highly recommend this software suite.

Thibault Guillaume

CEO of Vitrine Media

The perfect toolkit for lead generation & list building

This powerful lead generation software suite with its automation system offers you the means to improve your inbound marketing strategy, generate leads (lead scoring), launch your email campaigns in order to increase your B2b sales.

Lead generation Software
One single licence allows for unlimited use.
lead generation software


lead generation software

Grow your business

lead generation software

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lead generation software

Unlimited users

Unlimited access to all the features

Pricing plans

Our plans have everything you need to use the app to the next level.

No hidden fees. – Online Support 7j/24

Offer available until December 31, 2021


$0 month
  • 7 day Trial period
  • Limited time access
  • Slow use
  • Limited use for all software
  • Limited data download
  • Collaboration: no limited licence

Pro Plan Offer

$119 / month
  • Instead of $159 (an annual saving of $480)
  • Unlimited data download
  • Quick to use
  • Unlimited use for all software
  • Unlimited number of customers, prospects, leads to find
  • Collaboration: no limited licence per user

Softwares Used

Softwares Used

  • Data enrichment software to find new leads (emails): unlimited
  • Email, phone and social media extractor from a list of websites: unlimited
  • Search emails by first name, last name and company name: unlimited
  • Domains logged daily with prospect information: unlimited
  • Emailing / sequence campaigns (reminders) with unlimited emails: unlimited
  • API to prevent fake emails from being saved on
    your service: unlimited
  • Extract B2B emails from B2B social networks and create targeted lists: unlimited

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