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Comparison and Review of NordVPN vs FastestVPN

Are you one of those smart people who use a virtual private network for secure online browsing? If yes, then you must be curious to know about any updates about VPN providers introduced on the market.

We know that we use a private network, to keep our online activity private, unblock some certain sites, and change our location – but the best VPN servers can do so much more than that. And, now that many of us are still working and learning from home, more people than ever are enjoying the benefits these free VPNs bring.

You will see many options to pick from free VPN services, so make sure you choose the best free VPN service equipped with internet censorship and can access your favorite streaming sites, works on all your devices, and won’t slow down your Internet connection.

How VPN Connections Benefit You

People’s needs are different, but not everyone accesses the internet in quite the same manner. VPN providers have a path to anonymously connect to The internet through some kind of “tunnel” system if you’d like to boost your privacy online. If you hook up to a site, this form of connection hides your contact and shows the VPN IP address rather than your own. It ensures that even when you browse multiple sites, your private home IP address is secret. Using a VPN service would almost certainly slow down your machine. If you’d like a quick VPN, make absolutely sure this also protects your privacy by encrypting data among your device and the targeted database.
So the competition among free VPN services is tough. Here we are comparing and reviewing two renowned VPN services.


Have you ever heard about NordVPN?

It is one of the famous virtual private networks providing free VPN without letting it disconnect. It is NordVPN which could be rated the best VPN service providers for many reasons, making it to enjoy status as the reigning champion of the bang-for-buck ratio. NordVPN gives you exciting and encrypts internet access with its strong VPN along with providing extraordinary security. You would find it an all-rounder offering desktop applications for Windows, macOS, and Linux, and also for mobile apps for Android and iOS with an added access to Android TV by just signing up.

Using a VPN like NordVPN, you can get support for six simultaneous connections of private VPN meaning you can use up to six devices; and that’s probably enough for you to use all your devices at once. Like CyberGhost VPN it provides secure access with the support for encryption and censorship technologies. NordVPN provides efficient security with solutions like AES-256-GCM encryption. This also ensures that even if an attacker manages to penetrate one session, they’ll be locked out securely of the next one. Its users enjoy its feature of anonymity.


  • Simultaneous Connections: 6
  • Kill Switch: Yes
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Android TV, Chrome, Firefox
  • Logging: None, except billing data
  • Countries: 59
  • Servers: 5517
  • Trial/MBG: 30 day

    NordVPN is among the most widely used user VPNs. Nord revealed the year before last that it was being hacked. Regrettably, the intrusion had also been ongoing for over 18 months. So there were flaws throughout each stage, NordVPN has made significant efforts to rectify the situation.


  • Strong Encryption
    NordVPN brings all the potent technical features of censorship, you’d be looking for, like the OpenVPN feature of VyprVPN and  NordVPN’s WireGuard-based NordLynx. So it completely hides your IP and works as a personal VPN.
  • Extra Security
    You might be surprised to learn about its extra security features. They include double data encryption and Onion support for extra security, and ad, malware, and phishing protection via NordVPN’s CyberSec technology.
  • Pause Feature
    You would simply love this unique feature. By using it you would be able to close the VPN connection, and after this, the client automatically reconnects after a particular number of minutes.
  • Surf Anonymously
    You can be sure to download your favorite things anonymously as it has an extra IP layer for security. This VPN network hides your IP address when you connect it with your ISP. You would have a safe internet traffic flow without any fear of hackers. When you have NordVPN it brings you internet privacy also when you use it in any hotspot.
  • Double DNS Performance
    The Double VPN offer sparked my curiosity, however, the outcomes are contradictory. While We attempted to connect to the swiftest US server using Double VPN, I ended up waiting 2 minutes before getting fed up and climbing stairs to just get a cappuccino and walk the puppy. There’s still no connection when I returned to my laptop five minutes later. I paused the connectivity request, changed my server position to the Netherlands rather than the United States, and was linked in about 30 seconds.I ran the very same connection speed to Comcast in Boston, which yielded a native speed of 188.67Mbps, and received a data speed of 1.49Mbps. That really was, of course, from The Netherlands to Chicago. My bandwidth accelerated to 2.02Mbps once I linked to Duocast in Groningen (a big city in the north of the Netherlands). Double DNS speeds were obviously sluggish, though they’re adequate when you’re not moving big files. It ought to be perfect whether you’re linking to web servers, sending texts, browsing The internet, and so on.
  • Privacy and Security Features
    How much more data each VPN provider logs has been at the higher end of the scale of queries. NordVPN does require an email register in order to log into your account, but they do collect unencrypted performance measures in order to fine-tune their systems, however, the company believes to not log any traffic or decrypt messages. NordVPN has applications for ios and Android, Windows, and Mac, among other devices. Furthermore, NordVPN covers a wide variety of systems, from Windows XP all the way to the top to Raspberry Pi, Synology, and Western Digital, as well as QNAP NAS boxes, Chromebooks, a slew of operating systems, and much more.

    Since a VPN encrypts and decrypts the information at its heart, the encrypted messaging method is critical. Regrettably, determining which encryption protocol is better is impossible as it relies on your needs. Many protocols have been found to have been unsafe, and although some VPN providers continue to secure traffic by using these protocols, NordVPN doesn’t always. NordVPN supports the well-known protocols OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPsec.

  • Quality Customer Service
    Customers may benefit from a robust VPN service in a number of different ways. Customer support, an online ticketing system, as well as an email platform are all included. NordVPN provides live-chat support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so users could get assistance whenever it is more comfortable for them.

Pricing Plans(Monthly & Yearly)

NordVPN offers its users a budget-friendly and simple pricing structure. You will find four straightforward plans.

Monthly Plan (Pay $11.95 per month)
Two Year Plan (Costs a mere $3.71 per month)

Security and Privacy

NordVPN offers strong privacy and security features as follows:

  1. Jurisdiction
    Having its headquarter in Panama, guarantees a privacy-friendly country as Panama has a few surveillance-sharing agreements with other countries. Its users get unrestricted data retention.
  2. No Leaks
    It is nearly impossible to trace an IP address, DNS, or other potentially user-identifying data. So it works as a personal VPN and hides your IP.
  3. Kill Switch
    NordVPN is a service provider with a useful kill switch feature, which prevents network data from leaking outside of its secure VPN tunnel in the event the VPN connection fails.

NordVPN Specs

  •  5NordVPN Specs
  • 500+servers
  • Geographically diverse servers
  • Blocks ads
  • Servers locations in 59 countries


In 2020, NordVPN launched NordLynx. It is an improved version with an extension of Wireguard, which is newer and more efficient than older protocols like OpenVPN and IKEv2.So now NordVPN now tops the list of the fastest VPNs. You can stream video in 4K resolution, live stream HD video, and high-quality video conferencing without risking security.Here are the results are broken down by region:
  • North America: 112 Mbps
  • Europe: 112 Mbps
  • Asia: 112


👍 Pros of NordVpn

👎 Cons of NordVpn

  • WireGuard VPN technology is used.
  • Multihop, split-tunneling, and Tor connections are all possible scenarios.
  • There are several server locations.
  • User safety is taken seriously.
  • Simple to use
  • Quite priced higher
  • The interface can be a little crowded at times.


FastestVPN is another popular VPN for its high-end security and strong features.

It is a Cayman Island-based VPN and offers some of the most appealing features in the lowest-priced plans. At Fastest VPN, you will find the service which is p2p friendly and they are located in 39 locations across 31 countries. The features like ad and malware blocking make it shine among other VPN services. You can enjoy virtual privacy in the custom apps for Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Roku, and Kodi and having Chrome and Firefox extensions.

You would also love the OpenVPN feature which is compatible to install it anywhere and also offers good support for up to 10 devices at one time which is twice the industry average. Are you making a plan to travel? Just take local content with you and the FastestVPN. FastestVPN is a global network of running high-speed servers. So you can reach your content at any place of your choice. No content or website is unreachable through FastestVPN Service. You just need to turn on FastestVPN service, connect any of your desired VPN server locations, and move on to surf the web with fast speed.


  1. Ad Blocker
        By using this exciting feature you would be able to block any of your undesired and disturbing advertisement from popping up on   your screen
  2. Anti-Malware
    You know that is a software that’s it is your device in the long run so using fast stress VPN and Ironic it defaults you can get an extra layer of protection from the small Villas
  3. Simultaneous Connections
    With a superfast connection, it enables you to connect to 10 devices.
  4. DNS Leak Protection
    By using it with its inbuilt DNS leak protection you can be sure to get high security.

Security & Privacy Features

  • Internet Kill Switch
    It is the most desirable feature in terms of security with the Internet kill switch you can prevent exposing your identity to others.
  • Multiple Protocols
    FastestVPN provides you a variety of protocols available like OpenVPN, IKEv2, IPSec, OpenConnect, L2TP, and more.
  • AES 256-Bit Encryption
    Offering trusted security with military-grade 256-Bit AES encryption Wi-Fi Security
    With FastestVPN, you can privately share any confidential data on any public Wi-Fi network.
  • Smart Tunneling
    Smart Tunneling (separated multihop) is supported by Fastest VPN, only on iOS and Android. Split routing is an important way that allows you to select which traffic your VPN routes. For instance, if You decided to use your VPN to deactivate a specific Netflix area while still getting local google search Results, You could directly access the Search engine but only use your VPN to access Netflix. Just at present time, Split Tunneling is only available on Fastest VPN’s mobile applications.
    So instead of having to choose whatever sites to whitelist, my Fastest VPN Mobile application allowed you to choose which applications I needed to use with the VPN or which you didn’t. This would be helpful for surfing anonymously on your Chrome browser while also viewing your internet banking app via your ISP. It’s a tragedy that the function isn’t included in more of the VPN’s other applications.
  • Logs policy
    The no-logs policies at Fastest VPN is quite rigorous. We examined the entire Privacy Policy to ensure that there were no danger signs hidden in the terms and conditions, and users have been impressed with their experience with the fastest VPN so far. An image of Fastest VPN’s no-logs pledge and privacy policy. The one and only detail Fastest VPN keeps is your email address, which is discarded once you delete your account, as per the Privacy Statement. Google Analytics, and Live support, according to a Fastest VPN official, should only be used on the VPN’s website and also have very little to do with VPN’s activity, so they don’t invalidate the no-logs policy.

Pricing Plans

FastestVPN users can choose from multiple subscription options. They are specifically calculated to offer the best value.

  • 1 Month Plan costs $10
  • 1 Year Plan costs $29.95
  • 5-year plan costs $49.95

FastestVPN Specs

  • P2P allowed: Yes
  • Business Location: Cayman Islands
  • Number of servers: 250+
  • Number of country locations: 30
  • Cost: $30 per year
  • VPN protocol: IKEv2
  • Data encryption: AES-256-GCM
  • Data authentication: MS-Chap v2 and TLS
  • Handshake: SHA-II

Is it always the case that the fastest VPN would be the best?

While looking for a VPN, speed isn’t the only factor to remember. For one reason, without even a VPN, your online experience would almost definitely be quicker. Furthermore, speeds are highly dependent on the server you choose, your location, your core network, as well as other factors. You might discover that the system that is blazing damn fast is barely moving later this morning. Instead, we place a premium on value and reliability in our VPN reviews. In our view, the number of connected devices which can be used with a user is much more significant. To a certain degree, speed would always be essential. When choosing a VPN provider, keep in mind that there are several other factors to take into account.

FastestVPN Pros and Cons

👍 Pros of FastestVPN

👎 Cons of FastestVPN

  • The advantages of being located in the Offshore Accounts include the lack of multinational monitoring partnerships or data security rules.
  • Kill-switch: your information would be safe even though the VPN crashes.
  • The fastest VPN can only retain the details for billing purposes and therefore will not hold any other data.
  • Torrenting: With Fastest VPN, you’ll be allowed to torrent data.
  • On both a Mac and a Windows machine, Fastest VPN looked very impressive.
  • 10 connections at the same time: In addition, a single plan covers 10 computers and an infinite number of server flips.
  • THE fastest VPN is reasonably priced, starting at less than a dollar per month and rising to just $10 per month.
  • Split-tunneling is limited in their Mac and Windows applications, so you won’t be able to communicate to both a shared and personal channel at that same moment
Nordvpn vs FastestVpn

Comparison between NordVPN and FastestVPN

FastestVPN and NordVPN have both won the appreciation of their users, but these services differ in several ways. Our FastestVPN VS NordVPN comparison will let you know these subtle differences and make your decision easy to choose a better VPN that delivers a more well-rounded service.

Talking about NordVPN, it has no logs and this aspect of their service is fairly straightforward. You get unlimited speed and bandwidth. Considering the importance of double VPN is NordVPN uses two hops and is encrypted at both nodes. It gives a double security for the users.

NordVPN brings its users a friendly custom software available to use on Windows which is a great VPN software solution for every user. Features include auto-connection, default protocol selection, process Kill-switch. Some of its exciting properties include DNS sink-hole and port-forwarding. You can enjoy the same VPN account on six devices at the same time. NordVPN offers a 3-hour free trial hence new users can try this software out.

It offers payment options like Credit / Debit / Prepaid Cards and Bitcoin. Its pricing starts from $11.95. It has 3557 number of servers. NordvPN protocols include OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, and IPSec. It supports English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, and Swedish. It also unblocks Netflix US.

Herewith NordVPN, you have free access to security tools such as Encrypted Chat, Secret Notes, Free Proxy List, Web Proxy, Google Chrome Web Proxy Extension. Some of its cons include like whenever a breach takes place, NordVPN support system keeps the users in dark and continue to expose them to breach. Its speed gets down during weekends. Also, it is impossible to connect with through NordVPN.

FastestVPN comes with a ton of useful features as well as ad-blocking and anti-malware functions like a strict no-logging policy, unlimited bandwidth/speed, and P2P optimized servers. It is particularly designed to have advanced protocols and 256-Bit AES encryption which secures you on public Wi-Fi networks, clears cookies, and commendably protects your identity.

It offers 5,100+ servers and pricing starts with $10.It supports only the English language. It has protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, IKEv2. FastestVPN provides 10 simultaneous connections. You can avail of payment methods like Visa, PayPal, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Bitcoins. Available on Windows, Android, Linux, Mac, and Web-based.FastestVPN now supports U.S. Netflix and Disney Plus streaming. Mentioning some of its drawbacks, we notice that it is sometimes difficult to dismiss the Windows generated by FastestVPN. Some users also faced issues like network drivers in the FastestVPN lifetime plan.

Fastest VPN is a fantastic VPN option, but just let me give a short rundown of who it’s best for. If you’re looking for a VPN, I’d suggest Fastest VPN…

    • Legal safeguards include: Fastest VPN will not be asked to hand away from your information because it is located in the Cayman Islands.
    • The fastest VPN just preserves the required details for signing in there and paying, which We appreciate.
    • The fastest VPN didn’t slow down your Internet that much if you’ve got a Mac or a PC.
    • Reasonably priced: With both the three-year contract, you’ll pay $1.11 per month. VPN packages don’t come any better value for money than this one.

But If you wouldn’t want this, though, stayaway then…

  • While using a Mac or Windows device, you won’t be capable of connecting to both a social and a dedicated server at the same time.


What is better FastestVPN or NordVPN? Picking up the suitable VPN services for your business is complicated with so many features, choices, and offers to take note of. While we get attracted to all of their great features there’s no way to know whether the company is living up to these no-logging claims. It’s much the same story with most VPNs, but some have put themselves through public audits, giving real evidence that they’re doing what they promise.

We recommend you don’t just buy the solution with the lowest price, but the one that has the most cost-effective value.

By Emily 2021 Mars


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