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HideMyAss VS Proton VPN

Before discussing HideMyAss Vs Proton VPN comparison, I would like to define a VPN service and why people bring it in use. Virtual Private Network provides online privacy to a VPN client by creating a private network from a public internet connection or public wi fi. 

Online safety is not to undervalue; that’s why the best VPN service provider is essential to protect you all the times. Both HideMyAss and Proton VPN services establish secure and encrypted internet access to provide greater online anonymity than Wi fi hotspots. Below is a detail VPN review on HideMyAss Vs. Proton VPN.

HideMyAss Vs Proton VPN_ Overview

HideMyAss proxy service is a UK based VPN software. It has a big name in VPN solutions and one of the best leading VPN providers in VPN business. It comes with an impressive number of servers and compatible with many platforms to provide full liberty in browsing, downloading, and streaming. Moreover, it has its DNS service, so that avoid DNS leaks. It facilitates users with installation advice to manually set up the service on other platforms as a bonus.

On the other hand, Proton is an OpenVPN proxy service based in Switzerland. If you are looking for free VPN services, we always suggest Proton VPN solution because it enables you to enjoy the excellent performance, P2P support, great Speed, maximum security and privacy. However, free VPN service provides only 3 server locations, and you cannot enjoy Netflix and Torrenting. But it’s enough to unblock websites and enjoy full security with the best free VPN without spending a cent.

HideMyAss Vs Proton VPN_ Speed

Using a VPN-connection like HideMyAss, you can expect a download speed up to 200 Mb/s; however, Speed can also depend on your connection. Moreover, hide my ass is one of the fastest VPN you can ever find. We used an OpenVPN connection instead of a WireGuard protocol to check its Speed and got the following results; 

We recorded an average speed up to 187.7 Mb/s and top Speed up to 200 Mb/s at United Kingdom server location. However, for other location servers like;

Netherlands: Average Speed_ 178.4 Mb/s, and Top Speed_ 190.8 Mb/s

United States: Average Speed_ 80.6 Mb/s, and Top Speed_ 88.3 Mb/s

Canada_ Toronto: Average Speed_ 143.7 Mb/s, and Top Speed_ 146.4 Mb/s

Pakistan: Average speed_ 31.7 Mb/s, and Top Speed_ 38.2 Mb/s

Singapore: Average Speed_ 109.1 Mb/s, and Top Speed_ 129.8 Mb/s. As you can see, it’s observed as a fast VPN in the United Kingdom with a top speed of 200 Mb/s that is quite well. However, at other location servers, it might seem good enough. 

On the other side, Proton VPN is a powerful and fast VPN compared to other free VPNs; however, it’s not enough fast than paid top VPN. We have observed download speed up to 94 Mb/s, and upload 98 Mb/s before using free VPN. When we connect to Proton free VPN, you can observe a download speed of up to 60 Mb/s, and upload 59 Mb/s.  

Proton Free VPN proxy only provides server locations; however, Speed depends on your location. So, you can expect prolonged speeds from faraway countries. The Proton free VPN provider rate is perfect, but its high-bandwidth tasks are not on these servers. So, for better enjoyment, you can go for a premium plan. 

HideMyAss Vs Proton VPN_ Supported Devices

HideMyAss VPN tool is well known for the best security, internet privacy, encryption, Speed, proxies, network-services, and VPN Apps and compatibility. It offers Apps for Mac, Pc, Android, and iOS/iPhone users. Moreover, you can easily configure it on your Android TV and Apple TV. Also, it works with routers; however, you cannot use it on just any VPN router. 

If we come to Proton VPN service providers, they also offer VPN apps for Mac, Pc, Android, and iOS/iPhone users. Usually, the Windows VPN app is fully featured and offers many configurable options, including switching tunnelling and killing Switch. But Android and iOS mobile VPN lack a kill switch; however; Mac offers IKEv2, a less secure VPN protocol. Besides, free proton anonymous VPN can assist in accessing the unblock sites. 

HideMyAss Vs Proton VPN_ Payment Methods

HideMyAss facilitates users with the best and safe payments gateways such as PayPal, credit card, etc. It’s integrated with the following payment gateways;


American Express, Visa Card, and Master card


Apple Pay, Ali Pay, and Google Pay

Sofort Banking



Cryptocurrency etc.

Proton VPN provider accepts payment via credit cards, PayPal, and Bitcoin. However, if you want to enjoy private internet access with perfect privacy and secure access, we recommend you purchase e a premium plan. 

HideMyAss vs Proton VPN_ Features

Use a VPN like HideMyAss solution to change your IP or hide your IP to access blocked websites. Using the HideMyAss VPN network, you can enjoy the following features; 

It provides over 880 VPN servers, 190+ countries, and 280+ locations. 

HideMyAss VPN service offers OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, and PPTP protocols. 

Encryption_ 256-bit AES

It allows five simultaneous connections. 

No internet traffic logs. 

It will enable torrenting and provides torrenting servers. 

Kill switch features is also available; however, lacks on VPN for Android. 

Passed deep packet inspection

Multi-device usage

It offers Unlimited bandwidth

You can enjoy unlimited server switches

Open source code\

Anonymous browsing

24/7 customer support via live chat. 

Proton VPN solution offers free-service and servers as well as paid to VPN users. With Proton, you can get access to the following features with Proton VPN server;

It offers over 520 servers (a couple of them are free)

40+ different countries

It provides OpenVPN, IKEV2 protocols

Encryption; AES-256; RSA-2048 key exchange; HMAC with SHA-256 authentication

Simultaneous Connection Up to 10 – Visionary Plan; 1 – Free Plan

No logs

Dedicated IP-address

Yes, Kill Switch available

It offers DNS leak protection

Proton VPN solution allows torrenting

Also, it provides torrenting servers.

It’s very Easy-to-use.

HideMyAss Vs Proton VPN- Pricing Plans

HideMyAss Vs Proton VPN-1

HideMyAss offers the following prices;

  • 36-month plan for $2.99 p/m (Limited offer)
  • 12-month plan for $7.99 p/m (billed every year)
  • 24-month plan for $6.99 p/m (billed every two years)
  • HideMyAss VPN Business 10 for $12.99 p/m
  • HMA VPN Business 20 for $23.99 p/m
  • HMA VPN Business 30 for $32.99 p/m

Proton VPN offers the following prices.

hidemyass vs proton2
  • It costs $6.63 p/m for 24 months Plan

  • Recharge $8 p/m for 12 months Plan

  • $10 per month monthly.

HideMyAss Vs Proton VPN _ Pros and Cons

Pros of HideMyAss VPN Service
      • It offers a 14-day free trial
      • Also, it guarantees excellent speeds and best for video-streaming
      • HideMyAss VPN provider offers a vast VPN server network
      • It works with Netflix
      • Moreover, it allows torrents
      • Strong VPN with AES-256-GCM encryption
      • Phone support available
      • It facilitates VPN users with Nice Windows mac and Android VPN apps.
      • 30 days money-back-guarantee

Cons of HideMyAss VPN-connection
      • VPN has no kill switch on mobile
      • VPNDoes not work in China

The pros of Proton VPN proxy
• A free VPN provider with a few free servers
      • It offers unlimited bandwidth
      • Private logging policy
      • Proton VPN service ensures a perfect safety
      • It provides VPN kill-switch and other security features.
      • Proton does not require payment details while signing-up for a VPN account.

Cons of Proton private network
      • You can enjoy only 3 server locations
      • Unable to work with Netflix
      • It blocks all torrenting traffic.
      • Proton VPN service does not bypass Chinese censorship.
      • Customer-support lacks live chat access. 


The above comparison “HideMyAss Vs Proton VPN” suggests that HideMyAss is the best VPN provider that offers an impressive number of servers and unmatched geographic presence at affordable prices. Also, it provides a 14-day free trial so that you can set up a VPN account to try it. However, Proton VPN is the best VPN service among the all Virtual Private Networks. It’s the best choice for short works and short-distance speeds. 

By Emily 2024 June

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