Top 10 Best Website platforms for eCommerce

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Top 10 Best Website platforms for eCommerce

With the help of eCommerce, you can earn money tens of thousands but only in one case when you choose the best website platform for eCommerce. However, choosing the best platform looks like an uphill challenge, and the success of an online-store depends on the eCommerce platform

It would be best to have web hosting, shipping management, support, taxes, and inventory to create an online store or web store. No one would like to spend enough in exchange for loss, so you have to decide your budget and think about how much you can afford. In this article, we will discuss the 10 best eCommerce platforms. 

Top 10 Best website platforms for eCommerce

The good thing about these platforms is that they let you build your eCommerce site or eCommerce store without any coding skills and web designing degree. These come up with advanced features that can setup online businesses comfortably and successfully; here below the best eCommerce platforms.

Wix_ The best Commerce platform


It’s the top choice and is one of the best platforms. Wix facilitates its users with an easy way to create their online webstore and start an eCommerce business.

Moreover, it provides relatively cost-effective hosting services and starts from $23/month. It also supports online sales through Facebook, Instagram, and eBay. 

Further, you can get more than 50 mobile optimized eCommerce themes, and it enables you to build your store in 90+ languages.

Also, you have the choice to add unlimited physical products by purchasing a $27 monthly subscription. With the help of online ads and other marketing tools, you can earn $300.

Payment gateway
With the help of Wix Payments, you can accept credit/debit card payments and integrate with other payment providers to accept payments.

However, Wix facilitate its users by offering payment integrations with more than 40 payment providers such as;
• The strip is commonly used
• PayPal
• Square
• NMI (Network Merchants, Inc)
• Blue Snap
• InfusionSoft
• InfusionSoft V2
• Recurly
Also, Easy Pay Direct and Ontraport
Online Store Management and Reports

Wix facilitates its users with a dashboard to easily manage their store, such as tracking, refunding, etc.

Moreover, it supports both drop shipping and direct, so you can quickly drive through the Wix dashboard. So, it’s easy to set up shipping rates and shipping rules. 

You can also get the Wix app to fulfill orders quickly, add products, track your inventory, and get notification updates. Further, you can get access to Google analytics, top products’ reports, and customizable reports. 

Customer Support
It comes up with 24/7 customer support, but it lacks a live chat, and it looks like a downside of Wix in this new era. However, it’s providing a ticket system and callback function.
Now we head to its pricing. Its basic plan starts from $23/month with yearly payments. Besides, you don’t need to buy your domain because Wax provides a free domain for one year when you purchase a plan with annual payments. 

Business Basic
Start from $23/month with annual payments
You can enjoy 50+ Commerce themes
Add unlimited accounts and products
Google analytics integration
Storage is about 20GB

Unlimited Plan
$27/month with annual payments
You will get basic plan features
Subscription selling and automated sales tax
Enjoy 35GB storage with advanced shipping options
It is integrated with Facebook, Instagram, and eBay.
Currency converter. 

VIP plan
You will get unlimited basic features
Storage is about 50 GB
VIP Business plan comes up with automated sales tax, customized reports, priority support, and loyalty program.  
In the basic plan, you can enjoy only limited features. However, if we look at its benefits, we can say it’s cheap and affordable. On the other hand, the Unlimited plan might seem the best option, and there is only a $4 difference between them. So, we recommend choosing the unlimited basic plan to grow your online stores to the next level. 

👍 Pros
Without any transaction fee
Enjoy 500 free eCommerce templates
USPS shipping discounts
14-days money-back guarantee
Can get a free domain for one year

It’s a cloud-based eCommerce platform, especially for Enterprise eCommerce, Business merchant & eCommerce companies, and selling online digital goods.

Moreover, here you can set up your store within five minutes. Also, sellfy helps you to run and grow your eCommerce company. 

With the help of Sellfy, you can build your eCommerce website in under five minutes.

Moreover, it allows you to host all of your branding products, and it might seem like the best commerce solution creator. 

Payment Option and Security
It offers payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and another card-processor. Also, it ensures anti-fraud measures to protect your privacy and other precious documents such as PDF, link, etc. 

Online Store Management
However, it also includes marketing and analytics tools through which you can send email newsletters to subscribers. Moreover, with an analytics dashboard’s help, you can track your order fulfillment and manage your inventory. 

The starter plan recharges $29 per month. However, you can save $120 by purchasing a yearly plan.

Business starts at $59/ month. But you can save up to $240 with annual payments.

Premium will recharge $129/ month monthly while saving $480 with the yearly plan. 


It’s one of the best and fastest ways to build your online store to start your eCommerce website because it’s an automate builder software. However, it comes with a one-click plugin that will turnaround your whole site into an online store within a single click.
Built-in themes such as Woo themes
You can import products from AliExpress in under one minute
Product updating and order fulfillment
Tax setting and shipping settings
Further, Woo plugins support

Payment gateways
PayPal and Stripe are the most commonly used payment gateways in AliDropships. However, you can also find a few others. But they all charge a 2 to 4% transaction fee. 

👍 Pros
You can get access to mobile-friendly themes with full customization
Integrating your dropshipping with WooCommerce
Moreover, you can add unlimited products. 
Also, you can get access to free customer support 
Automate plugins update

👎 Cons
Some settings are locked
One-click works only on Google Chrome
But i’s hard for beginners


It’s one of the most popular platforms for successful online-shop or Commerce store builder. It not only builds just stores but also facilitates you with business online tools to push your up-and-running online webshops to a higher business level. Moreover, Squarespace manages and cares about server management. 
Squarespace offers unlimited SEO-friendly and mobile commerce templates, and you can add unlimited physical products. It comes up with the following features. 

Custom integration with APIs
Abandoned shopping carts recovery
customizable promotional pop-ups 
Automatic shipping rate calculations
Customizable discount rules

Payment Options
It permits you to accept credit card payments. 
You can accept other payments via Apple pay and PayPal.
Squarespace allows you to set custom tax rates. 
With the help of these payment methods, you can accept currencies from around the world. 

Online Store management and Reports
Squarespace makes it easy to manage your eCommerce store or commerce system. Moreover, it comes up with a fantastic interface to help you to set up your product pages, track your orders, manage your inventory, and much more. With the help of its drag-and-drop tool, you can update your customers through emails. 

Moreover, website analytics and reports can help you find out the new selling goods, online selling trends, and conversion metrics. Squarespace allows you to get access to these website analytics and reports. 

Customer support
Its customer support is better than Wix because it has 24/7 email-based customer support and a live chat system from Monday to Thursday. 

Square space offers plans based on monthly and annual payments. However, you can get a free domain in case if you purchase the yearly plan. Here below some 

Business plan
$18/month with annual payments, otherwise $26/month monthly
You can get free templates
Add unlimited products and contributors
But it comes with a 3% transaction fee

Basic Commerce Plan
$26/month with annual payments or $30/ month monthly with no transaction fee
Business plan features are included
Get access to additional eCommerce analytics
On-domain checkout process

Advanced Commerce Plan
$40/month annually or pay $46/month monthly
Basic commerce plan feature 
Abandoned cart recovery and selling subscription
In advanced commerce, you can get access to automatic shipping rate calculation
If you want to grow your selling online, then prefer basic or advanced commerce. On the other hand, a business plan is cheap, but it comes with a 3% transaction fee. Also, it lacks an abandoned shop cart recovery. 

👍 Pros 
Affordable basic business plan
Get access to free themes with responsive design
You can add unlimited accounts and products
14_ day free trial

👎 Cons
Transaction fee



It’s the most popular and well-known platform with 2.1 million active users and almost one million stores. Also, you can get 73 mobile-optimized themes, and only 9 are free. There is no limit, and you can add unlimited products. However, you have to purchase a plugin app to process subscription services.

Abandoned shopping-cart recovery
Also, get access to Custom discount codes
Email marketing and social media distribution
Gift cards

Payment Methods
Shopify offers its users in-house developed Shopify platforms to enable them to accept payments from shoppers via Credit card, Google pay, Apple pay, etc. Moreover, Shopify uses Level 1 PCI compliance and fraud analysis to ensure secure payment or fraud protection. Also, it allows you to track the payments in an integrated back-office. 
Online Store Management and Reports

Shopify makes it so easy to manage your orders, inventory, product pages, and optimize the images automatically. Even more, you can send customers automatic tracking updates and print shipping labels.

You can easily integrate your eCommerce website with Google analytics to check out your store’s performance analysis. On the other hand, you can build custom reports only in the Advanced plan.

Customer Support
You can enjoy 24/7 customer support via live chat, email, and phone. Also, you can contact them at their forum or help center.

Shopify comes with the following plan;
Basic Shopify Plan
Shopify recharges $29/month for basic.
Two accounts 
Users can get a 64% shipping discount. 
But, you have to pay a 2.9% + 30¢ credit card fee or 2% using other providers.

Shopify Plan
Basic Shopify features
You can get 5 accounts and eCommerce reports.
You have to pay 2.6% + 30¢ or 1% using other providers.
70% shipping discount

Advanced Shopify
15 accounts
Users can get up to 74% shipping discount.
You can build custom reports and calculate third-party shipping rates.
Moreover, you have to pay 2.4% + 30¢ or 0.5% using other providers.

Indeed, you will sell online, so the basic plan might not be enough to increase sales because its transaction fees are high than its features. On the other hand, advanced Shopify might seem the best eCommerce solution, provider.

👍 Pros
14-day free trial without requiring any credit card information. 
Shipping discounts
In-house payment platform

👎 Cons
You have to pay a 2% transaction fee
Just 9 free themes.



It’s also one of the best platforms among its to create an online store. However, BigCommerce is specially designed for eCommerce and the best source for large businesses.
It facilitates its user with an easy way to set up the store and add products. Also, BigCommerce allows you to sell your digital and physical products. 

Include all SSL certificates that encrypt user data
It has over 100 themes with 13 free. 
Abandoned cart recovery
It provides easy online store management and
24/7 Customer Support via phone, email, and live chat.

Payment Options
You can get over 65 integrated payment gateways in eCommerce marketing. BigCommerce permits you to choose your payment gateways. Here below some payment providers;
• Stripe
• PayPal
• Apple Pay
• Square
• Adyen
• Amazon Pay

Its standard or basic plan starts at $29.95 per month.
Plus plan costs $71.95 monthly.
The pro plan costs 269.96 per month and provides incredible features and high conversion rates. 

👍 Pros 
It comes with fantastic search-engine optimization tools
You can sell through multiple channels such as to sell on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. 

👎 Cons
Credit card transaction fee.

It’s one of the best platforms in the online marketplace to assist the users in eCommerce website development with a responsive design to sell products online. It’s also considered a competitor of Shopify, open cart WooCommerce, and other eCommerce software. It also acts as an eCommerce solutions solver. 

It is built in the mobile shopping cart, and that’ why it’s mobile-optimized.
Its filtered products search engines allow shoppers to online-shopping to find their digital goods, products, and much more.
Moreover, It comes with flexible shipping options. 
Detailed Tax Control
Inventory tracking and Order management
Import products from Etsy, Shopify or migrating from CSV file
Leading Payment Processor includes PayPal, Stripe, and Square. 

$25/month annually for a Business plan or 35/ month monthly
Weebly performance plan recharges $46/month monthly and $38/month yearly

👍 Pros 
Additional features such as blogging tools
Also, Easy-to-use and the right choice for beginners

👎 Cons
However, it does not allow you to sell through multi-channels such as on your Facebook store to share and increase sales & conversion rate. 

It’s the oldest and always provides an excellent platform for eCommerce services. Besides, 3dcart offers professional services such as on-page SEO, PPC stats, website building, web content-management, B2b eCommerce, marketing campaign.
Also, you can request shopping feed management, social media, and conversion consulting.

Moreover, it allows its users to design templates for an eCommerce site. 3dCart offers eCommerce hosting because business needs no lame excuses. It also provides SSL certification 24/ customer support through email, live chat, and phone. Besides, you can enjoy a 15- day free trial to test the service. 

Basic $29 per month
Plus $79 per month
Pro $229/month

👍 Pros of 3dCart
It’s user-friendly
Also, you can enjoy additional services
Hosted eCommerce platform with unlimited bandwidth


WooCommerce-best website platform for ecommerce

It’s a free online store builder and free to get started, but you must have your own hosting and domain. You can use paid extensions, integrations, and themes storefront to attract the shopper and create a shopping-experience. WooCommerce is a WordPress eCommerce platform. 

Moreover, it comes with several free themes through which you can design your online eCommerce stores. However, you can purchase premium themes to create a shop with more attractive store design or storefronts. 

Store Management
With the WordPress interface, you can add products, manage inventory, and calculate shipping rates. Moreover, you can integrate your eCommerce with Google Analytics to track your data. 

Payment Options
You can set up WooCommerce payment with no charges, and it allows you to accept credit card payments with a transaction fee of 2.9% + 30¢. However, you can integrate your eCommerce with PayPal, Stripe, Google pay, etc.

👍 Pros
Easy-to-use and straightforward WordPress interface
Free themes
In-house payment 
Sport forum
30- day money-back guarantee



It’s also free like WooCommerce and Magento; however, it offers a mobile-friendly platform through which you can start an online business or store in 75 languages to earn money.

It’s also an open-source eCommerce platform that comes with free themes and pays for an online storefront. 

You can get access to the PrestaShop dashboard through which you will build the store, manage inventory, and add your selling products online, and much more. 

It’s a free online eCommerce website builder and provides several free themes. 

You can enjoy free payment integrations such as Skrill, PayPal, Bitcoin addon, etc. 

You can access 50+ modules and use them professionally to build your store, for live chat, marketing tools, and shipping options. 

Also, It comes with customer support.

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