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Interserver VS. Liquidweb

Getting the right web hosting should be your first strategy for a strong web presence. Whether you’re using a hosting provider for eCommerce, social media marketing, or other purposes, your online availability relies on its ability to manage technical issues and web visits. However, it can be challenging but not impossible to find the best web hosting. Below is a detailed comparison of Interserver Vs Liquidweb, which can help you decide which is the best hosting. So, let’s start.

Interserver VS Liquidweb_ Overview

It is one of the best web hosting service providers that offer fantastic features, functions, and low prices. These features make it the most ideal for a personal website, small business website, and an eCommerce website.
Its plans are cool, and you can avail unlimited storage, free SSL certificate, data-transfer, and emails. Besides, Interserver helps you with one click install for over 100 scripts for PrestaShop, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, and many others.
It has been facilitating hosting services since 1999, and the quality is still the same. With Interserver, you can get a wide range of hosting plans viz cloud hosting, shared hosting, dedicated server, and colocation services.
It’s another web hosting company offering excellent features for 22 years and focuses on enterprise hosting. Even, it provides flexible, dedicated servers and a virtual private server to grip affordable virtualization.
If you are using Liquidweb, you don’t need to worry about uptime because it guarantees a 100 % network & power. Moreover, it offers unique multi-server hosting to adapt to the needs of enterprises.

Interserver VS Liquidweb_ Uptime

It offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee and provides compensation if they fail. If network availability does not meet 99.9 % uptime, it provides 50% base monthly fees. Its uptime includes all the infrastructure, switches, routers. Apart from that, during my experience with Interserver, I have never faced a downtime over 15 minutes. 

Similarly, Liquidweb provides 100 % uptime guarantee, 30-min hardware replacement guarantee, and 30-min initial response time guarantee. If it does not meet its promises, it credits their clients ten times the cost of downtime. 

Interserver Vs Liquidweb_ Speed 

It’s a swift runner, to verify this we took a traceroute test which shows response times occurred at each stop along the route. Also, you can detect connection or network issues by using traceroute.
We conducted the traceroute test for the Interserver’s Website itself, and we have observed a maximum response time of 1ms from the nearby datacenter. However, when I tested my Interserver hosted website, we got the following results;

As you can see above in the picture, the maximum response time was 488 ms. However, the minimum response time was 1 ms, which is quite fast. Now, we can say there is no doubt, Interserver assures you a fast web hosting server.
Like the other web hosting solutions, Liquidweb is also a fast web host and offers a fast SSD disk and server optimization. Google page speed insights rated my up-and-running Liquidweb hosted website 98/100 on mobile and 99/100 on desktop.
On the other hand, I have also tested my website by Pingdom test. And it rated my WordPress site 96/100, with a 220 ms load time. These were the outstanding results that I observed in my experiences with Liquidweb. 

Interserver Vs Liquidweb_ Security

A trustworthy and reliable web hosting is the fundamental need to avoid data theft issues. Being one of the top web hosting companies; Interserver assures you full proof security and has made their top-priority by developing the following malware protecting systems.
      • Web App Firewall_ exposes the threats from SQL injections and cross-site scripts
      • File upload scanner_ helps to get rid of uploaded files from malware.
      • Malware detection_ catch malware signatures and updates them into databases.
      • Outboard email protection_ protects the email as well as will prevent the IP addresses from getting blacklisted.
      • Scanning scripts_ scan the hands to ensure that these are non-malicious.

Besides, Interserver offers other security features, including Cloudflare CDN, SSL certificate, two-factor authentication, and weekly backups. 

Their dedicated expert team ensures secure hosting and VPS plans. Liquidweb also offers a content delivery network (CDN) and DDoS protection without any extra fee. Moreover, its WordPress hosting plan facilitates you with daily or on-demand backups.
Unlike its shared web hosting competitors, they offer a storage area network (SAN) and log storage. You can enjoy the following security features
      • DDoS attack prevention: Shield your professional website and server from sudden attacks.
      • Firewalls and VPN: They protect your server from malicious internet traffic.
      • Compliance Assistance: It protects customers’ data with the most secure software
      • Data Protection Server protection
      • Web Application Protection

Interserver Vs Liquidweb_ Customer Support

Customer-support is one of the most important factors to consider in choosing web hosting companies. Interserver hosting service provides responsive customer care to solve your problems in minutes. Also, it offers a 24//7 customer support service via email, phone call, and live chat. 

Similarly, it also facilitates users with 24/7 customer care; regardless of what hosting plan you have, you can access email, live chat, and phone call. Also, Liquidweb hosting company guarantees a 59-second initial support response. 

Interserver Vs Liquid web hosting solution_ cPanel

It provides cPanel on Linux plans; however, it’s a paid add-on with VPS packages. Besides, you can not get windows servers within a control-panel.

Liquidweb Control-panel
It offers a custom cPanel instead of famous control-panel. Liquidweb hosting cPanel is straightforward, easy-to-use, and contains what you need to handle your WordPress website without facing any extra burden. 

Interserver Vs Liquidweb_ Additional Features

Below is a list of crucial features of Interserver web hosting provider;
      • It provides unlimited storage for disc space/data storage.
      • Unlimited data transfer.
      • Automatic weekly backups.
      • Unlimited bandwidth
      • Interserver hosting service offers SSD caching servers or flashing servers.
      • Also, it provides Raid-10 storage for more excellent protection.
      • Free migration.
      • Cloud-based hosting solutions
      • Easy-to-use control-panel.
      • Reseller hosting
      • VPS hosting
      • Colocation
      • Unlimited FTP accounts
      • Cloud Linux OS
      • Free domain-name
      • 10 GB Cisco Network
      • Cloud Apps and much more

Liquidweb Features
You will get the following features of Liquidweb hosting provider;
      • MySQL
      • Uptime guarantee
      • Dedicated hosting
      • Custom control-panel
      • SSH access, Git, and WP-CLI
      • 20 GB SSD disk space
      • 5TB Bandwidth
      • Staging Environment

Interserver Vs Liquidweb_ Pricing Plans


VPS special hosting package_ $6 p/m
      • 2GB RAM + 30GB SSD Storage
      • Multiple Operating Systems
      • Instant Activation
      • cPanel or Direct Admin
      • Unlimited Support
ASP.Net $8 p/m
      • Easy to use Control Panel
      • Unlimited Storage Space
      • Free Website Migration
      • Unlimited Support
Dedicated $80 per month
      • Xeon E3-1230v2
      • Memory – 8 GB
      • Hard Drive – 2000 GB
      • Hardware Replacement Guarantee
      • Unlimited Support

Liquidweb Pricing plans
VPS Hosting

VPS Windows Hosting

Dedicated Managed Hosting

Interserver Vs Liquidweb_ Pros & Cons

Interserver Pros
      • Affordable hosting packages
      • Scalable VPS hosting plans
      • It offers 30 days money– back-guarantee
      • You can expect excellent customer support
      • Windows servers are not provided with a cPanel. 

Pros of Liquidweb
      • 100 % uptime guarantee.
      • Reliable customer support.
      • Its WordPress hosting plan support sites with unlimited number of visitors
      • It offers site relocation without any extra charge.
      • Global sign SSL certificate
Cons of Liquidweb
      • Downtime issues
      • High prices


Both of the web hosting providers have big names among the other web hosting services. The above comparison of Interserver Vs Liquidweb shows that Interserver is the best choice for your small business website. However, if you are looking for enterprise and business hosting, Liquidweb is quite well and would be the best web hosting. Besides all, both web hosts offer incredible speeds, uptime, and security features. 

By Emily 2024 May

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