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In order to have a website hosted, we all need a hosting services plan, and it is indispensable. A web hosting business makes it much easier for anyone on the web to visit the website. The storage you purchase on a webserver to store your website files is essentially web hosting. Web hosting is required on any site. Simply, put the hosting provider is where all the website’s archives, data, and information reside, just like people usually prefer to go for A2 Hosting because of their performance and the value they offer.

Such documents are saved on a remote machine known as a host. Hence the word hosting on the web. The files that build it are seen inside your internet browser while you access a site. Therefore, you must select an excellent, stable web host that fits your website’s requirements. Site hosting is simply leased space on a remote device, typically paid in monthly or yearly lump sums.


A2 Hosting Review 3

It takes exceptional service to pop out of the competitive marketplace and show itself deserving of your money, so many site hosts are competing for your buck. Kudos to its outstanding packages, excellent uptime, and fantastic customer support, Web host A2 is doing so. In fact, amid some surprisingly high prices and zero Windows server choices, A2’s high-quality WordPress plans catapult the business to the front of the WordPress hosting bundle as the category’s Editors’ Pick.

Since 2001, A2 Hosting has been there, and they’re quite notable for their website load speeds. They’ve successfully got the fastest server speeds that we’ve seen in the past few years. A2 Hosting already has a good uptime, which makes it secure for their hosting business. The hosting plans are developer-friendly, and a unique feature is their “pretty much any time” money-back guarantee.

The renewal rate, which spikes rapidly after your first duration, is a significant drawback. Suppose you’d like a fast web hosting service at comparatively low initial costs ($2.99/month), though, with the potential to scale with the growth of your website. A2 Hosting could be a perfect choice for yourself, then. However, their client service seems to be very sluggish. Here’s a detailed look at the pros and cons of A2 Hosting after having to sign up, subscribing to its hosting plan, and putting this to the check.

Products Do A2 Hosting Offer

A2 Hosting Review3

A2 Hosting, along with many other famous hosting services, seems to have a lot of potentials. Let me tell you which and when to use services you will buy through them. In addition to hosting plans, you can get domain names at A2 Hosting, too, at their fair rates. E.g., $14.95 a year would cost you a .com domain name. You will consider buying: .com, .info, .net, and .org domains, among several other variants. Country-specific TLDs are not accessible, such as .co.UK, .de, .fr, .es or .au.

For its shared hosting plans, A2 Hosting is popular. Their upgrade rates vary from $8.99 a month to $24.99. If you have a platform with massive traffic or need a specific server configuration, that is, this is the one that most companies would need. They also provide controlled hosting plans for WordPress. WordPress-optimized pooled hosting bundles that arrive with certain extra WordPress functionality (e.g., staging), and WordPress experts are their service agents.

At A2 Hosting, operated WordPress hosting begins at $28.51 a month. Virtual Private Server stands for VPS. It is a way of dividing a server into narrower (sub) servers for users. This ensures you can customize it to suit the specifications, and you won’t have had to share resources with those other consumers. Whenever you need anything afterward pooled hosting and a dedicated server, they are a good fit. A VPS ranges around as little as $5 a month to about $100 a month at A2 Hosting.

As a system of linked servers, you might envision cloud applications. But you’re not going to run your site with one database, but many at the very same time. All those awaiting traffic spikes are a perfect option because you can delegate more services as you will need them. They begin at $5 per month for 20 Gb of onboard storage and 512 MB of RAM, which will improve storage and services.

But you likely need a dedicated servers kit if your site will get hundreds of thousands of visitors per month. In other words, an entire cloud will house the project entirely. These are not inexpensive, starting at $120 a month at A2 Hosting. Along with the Cpanel, and best hosting packages, A2 hosting is the best web hosts in the web hosting companies with highly suitable hosting packages.

Pros and Cons of A2 hosting

👍 Pros of A2 Hosting

👎 Cons of A2 Hosting

  • Speed: As we see earlier on, a few of the swiftest services I have ever tested is A2 Hosting.
  • Special functions: Their higher plans have unique, advanced solutions such as staging areas or a caching system on the server-side.
  • Uptime: Ever since A2 Hosting started their services, they have enhanced their uptime rate relative to previous years.
  • Server locations: In the United States (Northwest or Western Part), Europe, or Asia, you can choose where to build your website.
  • Unmetered capacity and bandwidth: Your storage is unrestricted (for the top 3 plans), but there can be no more than 600,000 of your maximum files. The bandwidth is therefore not metered.
  • Windows-based hosting: Windows-based servers are accessible, unlike other rivals.
  • Enhanced Security: HackScan and KernelCare come with all A2 Hosting plans. These are all aspects of the everlasting protection program of A2 Hosting. Primarily, HackScan is ransomware security software. It works 24/7 to deter assaults on the website from occurring.
  • Free Site Migrations: A2 Hosting staff can switch the site to their database for nothing if you are actually using another hosting web service. What you have to do is email their customer care center. Most hosting providers bill $100 or more for this facility, but it’s obviously a significant added advantage.
  • On-demand backups charged separately: You would also need to order their add-on if you would like to utilize the on-demand recovery process to support your private backups.

  • Complicated checkout: Even if they’re not as bossy as other services (e.g., iPage), add-ons that you actually don’t require are bundled with their check out (e.g., paid SSL certificate).

  • Concurrent HTTP connection: Based on the package, all shared hosting plans appear to be limited to 15 to 50 simultaneous HTTP connections to the server. That might not be appropriate to many.


Not really the most affordable uptime on the market: A2 Hosting does have a decent uptime that’s going to do well, but some companies like HostGator and Bluehost will promise customers a much better win percentage if uptime is your primary concern.


Slightly odd sign-up method: a cramped website and a sluggish revelation of price details make it more difficult to register an account than what it requires to be.


Few hosting companies do offer free domain but the value comes with the price among the top hosting companies A2 Hosting is well known as the best web hosting company offering, web hosting services, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, control panel, website builder along with premium packages, and disk space according to your needs.

Six different kinds of services are offered by A2 Hosting: Shared, WordPress, VPS, Cloud, Dedicated, and Reseller. Trying to determine which type is better for your website can be daunting, and we’ve listed the details of the major three plans.

A2 Hosting Review4


Your site’s hosting company has a significant impact on your load times pace and, essentially, your end result. That’s because improved SEO scores, lower bounce rates, and higher sales volumes are possible for quicker pages. We’re your providers of fast hosting, so you’ve come to a final spot! If you’ve had a completely new site or a right business forum, we’ve got you by the balls with an elevated approach if you’ve really never run a website before or are a talented developer!

A2 Hosting Review 4

1. STARTUP: $2.49 monthly
77% Off (Was $10.99)
Great Start For A Single Site.

$4.25 monthly
67% Off (Was $12.99)
More Sites & 2X Resources.

TURBO BOOST: $5.99 USD monthly
71% Off (Was $20.99)
Turbo Servers + More Power

4. TURBO MAX: $12.99 USD monthly
50% Off (Was $25.99)
Our FASTEST Service Yet

Bottom Line:

A2 Hosting Review6

A2 has everything you can demand from something like a top-tier web host, including outstanding uptime and polite and professional customer service staff. The plans based on the firm are also fully adequate, particularly its WordPress plans, which gives it our top choice if you are creating a site focused on WordPress. A2 lacks Windows hosting, so to create a website on Microsoft’s network, switch to HostGator or Hostwinds.

Through A2 Hosting, you might never go wrong, but it really doesn’t imply that it’s everyone’s top choice service. Overall, in our review, the A2 hosting rating is 4.3 out of 5 has been well received and has some very unique strengths.

A2 Hosting is for you when you are looking for…

  • Customer care is really meant for you.
  • Safety and security is really important for you,
  • Cloud or reseller hosting you’re involved in

Hosting A2 is not for you if…

  • Uptime is your #1 goal, and you might want to try out HostGator for this.
  • If you’re not too sure what you’re feeling about A2 Hosting, the money-back guarantee makes it a perfect low-risk provider to check it out first-hand.


By Emily 2024 May


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