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Squarespace Review

Squarespace Review

In this Squarespace review, we’ll take a glance at one of the best drag-and-drop visual web page builders available, as well as some of its standout features. It’s the Apple of webpage builders user-friendly, well-curated, and well-designed. It comes with high recommendations from the website builders. Squarespace is well-known for its stunning layouts, and it also has several unique features. They do have the nicest bloggers, podcasting, booking, audio players, and image gallery among website builders.

What is a Website Builder?

Squarespace Review2

A website builder is an online service that makes it possible to create websites without writing or modifying HTML. Collaborating with such a website designer is simple and that they have what-you-see-is-what-you-get on the editing interface, which ensures that what you see when editing the site is the same as what you would see if it were live and accessed in a browser. Professionally designed website templates, easy-to-use drag-and-drop editors, and ‘on-board’ hosting services are all included in the best website builders. If you own domain name, creating a website is pretty easy & quick you can build your professional website with any of your free website builder, however with squarespace you may didn’t get website for free.

Web builders like Wix and Squarespace are suitable for small businesses and developers looking for a low-cost way to handle and sell their digital presence. Website builders not only assist with making a site, but they also have features like hosting and domain name registration, SEO configuration, and advertising strategies like social media integrations and template designers. A CRM and email marketing solution that works with your website is also available from some site builders.

Common Website Builder Features:

Most sites have the following fundamental website builder functionality. The level of versatility offered by each function is decided by the website designer and strategy you choose. If you own a website or are interested with something related to web-hosting, web-design, free website, free domain, drag and drop website creation, best cms, e-commerce site like shopify, optimized content-management system, site builder, optimized blogs, widgets, make a website, bandwidth, one-click import/export, it can be possible with the best website builder which offers extremely flexible options, and that is squarespace.


Hundreds of special, professionally built templates, grouped by company category, are available from most web builders. The prototype, once chosen, will act as the base for your website’s architecture, but this can be modified to suit your needs. Large canvas models are also available from several website designers.


You can configure the design, add or delete features, modify designs and textures, add sections, embed applications and buttons, and more with top web builders. Any site builders also encourage you to edit the code of your site if you already have website development experience.

Editor With Drag And Drop Features:

The drag-and-drop editing is really what helps to make web sites so user-friendly; it helps users to move elements from a “template library” (typically a section of the site) and place it anywhere wherever you want them on the site.

SEO Tool:

Depending on any simple feedback from you, most site builders consider taking care of the basic SEO configurations including title and meta description. Extended SEO features, such as redirected control, sitemap generation, and indexing options, would be available on some of the more advanced platforms.

Responsiveness On Smartphone:

The required layouts will, in certain cases, be responsive, indicating they will change their design to match various phone models and computers. The leading web builders even let you modify your site’s phone edition separately from the desktop version.

Customer Service Team:

To facilitate their customers, most web builders have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding base video tutorials, and instructions. You can normally contact the platform’s customer care team via mail, speak, and/or phone once you’ve established a profile.

What about Squarespace?

Squarespace, which has been around for over a decade, is amongst the most common website-building sites. If the total number of users isn’t available, it’s reported that about 1000 newcomers enter each day. What is the secret to their excellence? They’ve succeeded in creating an exclusive solution that can help beginners to make a site in less than 5 seconds. Okay, it’s much more like 2 minutes, but still it’s amazing. Squarespace handles every part of your site for you, so you can select a design and a domain name and rest assured that this will work smoothly. So, would it surpass WordPress in any way? Let’s take a deeper look at it’s features.

Features of Squarespace

👍 Pros of Squarespace

👎 Cons of Squarespace

  • Excellent Templates
    Squarespace’s crisp, minimalist templates are unmatched by any other website builder.
  • Features that are top of the line
    Some site builders advertise functionality which are only “sort of” available. Squarespace is not one of them. They deliver best-in-class blogs, ecommerce, philanthropy, video content, and other resources.
  • The Apple Among Web Designers
    Squarespace is user-friendly, well-curated, and well-designed. Wix is a good example for Google’s Android, and Squarespace is a good analogy for Apple’s iPhone.
  • Blogging Features:
    Squarespace is a perfect choice if you’re going to use a blog as one of your main website components. They have a robust commenting framework, as well as multi-author integration, the option to plan updates, and AMP support, to name a few functions. Squarespace also helps you to host your own podcast!
  • Customer Service:
    Through webchat, you will get a response more or less instantly. The majority of users said they had a good relationship with their support staff. Their customer service staff will also capture fast screencasts and tell you the actual actions to follow.
  • The website editor’s usability
    There are some areas of user experience that I’d like to have changed: Rather than reminding you to save the work with each update, this should simply autosave and include a site-wide undo button (or a site histories function). The click – through rate used to execute basic website editing tasks appears to be higher than required. Also, please keep in mind that any improvements you make will be published as soon as you save them. When performing larger upgrades, it can be uncomfortable.
  • Only 1 Sub Navigation
    Squarespace is not perfect for large sites that need a broad menus structure since there is only single sub-navigation. It also makes building multiple languages websites with Squarespace extremely difficult.
  • Page Speed
    Google’s Page Loading Calculator assigns their models a poor score, that could result in a lower level of user satisfaction on phones and possibly damage your ranking in search engines.

Squarespace Pricing

Who has the best deal in terms of price? The question of a millions of dollars. Which would be the less expensive choice? Perhaps, it’s a case-by-case basis. At the very least, Squarespace has very straightforward pricing policies, so you can easily measure how much this will charge you every year, including everything: $12 per month for a personal website, $18 per month for a business website, $26 per month for a simple online store, and $40 per month for a more sophisticated one. It’s not free, but it’s straightforward to calculate.

Squarespace Review3
  • $12 for Personal use: A good solution if you don’t need an online store.
  • $18 for Business use: Adds marketing features like Pop-Ups and the Announcement Bar. Online store with a transaction fee of 3%
  • $26 for Online Store (Basic): Sell online without transaction fees.
  • $40 Online Store (Advanced): Everything included: Use advanced ecommerce features

System Migration: Will They Let Me Go?

Squarespace Review 9

Are you struggling to come to a decision? The encouraging news would be that the website content will still be moved through one channel to the next. However, be mindful that it would not be an easy journey. Although Squarespace has an import/export option, it is much easier to put items in than it is to move things out. When uploading to WordPress, for example, you’ll have to handle the pictures individually, as well as the CSS (i.e. all style-related) would be overlooked. Furthermore, you must uninstall all WordPress plugins before importing, that can interrupt your design and easily becomes the headache.

Since WordPress does not provide the local Squarespace importing, you’ll need to install a free plugin called WordPress Importer. You can import images, blog articles, and static sites with it.

XML importer for WordPress
Keep in mind that no service would allow you to move video, audio, activities page, or category pages, which may be a big issue for online stores. Furthermore, you won’t be able to replicate a website’s theme, so you’ll almost definitely have had to start again from scratch.

Final Thoughts:

Squarespace is a feature-rich website builder to some of the most stunning sample templates we’ve seen yet. It’s a capable all-arounder that excels at both ecommerce and blog tools. Our main difficulty with Squarespace is how easy it is to use. It’s simple to use after you’ve spent a bit of time testing its editor, but it’s not for everyone. Which ensures it isn’t the easiest way to start a blog; it requires focus and effort. We’d also like to see an autosave option. Having that said, we fully endorse Squarespace.

In general, we suggest Squarespace to anybody who wants a stunning, feature-rich site without having to know how to code. If you are someone who own website, or connected with something like web-hosting, web-design, free website, free domain, weebly, cms, build a website, shopify, content-management, site builder, optimized sites, widgets, making a website, bandwidth, one click import/export, optimized content-management-system, best website builder with highly customizable option there is only choice and that is squarespace.

While you won’t be able to create a website up and running, the amount of artistic flexibility and in-house tools far beyond offset. Since there is no free option, you would need at least $12 a month to run your Squarespace site. You will also trial it for free for 14 days and see if it’s correct for you before paying for a paid contract.

By Emilie – Mars 2021


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